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About Us


Caring for People with Eczema

Welcome to Eczema Doctors Australia!

We are the first comprehensive on-line information resource for people affected by Eczema in Australia.

Our Mission statement is: "Caring for People with Eczema"

On our website you will find directories with names and contact details of Medical Specialists in Dermatology as well as Specialists in Natural & Alternative Medicines.

There are educational files and videos, for kids and adults, offering a broad overview of Eczema and its Management. There are useful phone numbers and on-line services as well.

In addition, the "Talk to a Mum" service and our blog enable Eczema sufferers and their families to exchange files, videos, information, experiences and handy hints to best manage Eczema.

Eczema Doctors Australia is a website that provides information with a strong educational focal point.
For personalized and further Professional advice we suggest you contact a Specialist in the field.

We are proudly supported by the Eczema Association of Australasia Inc.